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October 07, 2008

OCV Architects Design Eclectic New Manhattan ‘It’ Club: Haven


OCV Architects is making a better and hipper New York by designing chic nightspot Haven on 51st Street in Manhattan. The architects revived two floors of an existing bar into 4,000 square feet of exotic lounges and bars. The club features an international array of tapas, cocktails and music. The lounges are adorned with masks from Bali, swords from Hong Kong, deer antlers, antique books and chandeliers.


NEW YORK, NY: HAVEN, a new nightspot in Manhattan, opened in September with much media buzz and fan-fare. The project began as a rehabilitation of a run-down bar in the bottom of an old brown stone. OCV Architects were hired to transform the space into a hot Manhattan nightspot. The clients, (business partners Jorge Peguero and actress Bershan Shaw), approached OCV Architect Sara Arnold with their compelling club concept, which would mix the old, new and eclectic to create a truly unique and fashionable destination. The architect went for a masculine mix of restored details and luxury materials. Add art and candlelight to the mix, and the stylish small plate eatery feels meets .

Ms. Arnold worked with her clients to design the amazing interiors. Existing ornate plaster ceilings were reconditioned and several working fireplaces were re-mantled and restored. A solid-wood paneled library, replete with antique books, was fabricated to look like a 19th century original. High ceilings, tufted with alligator, and leather walls covered in snakeskin, add an adventurer’s twist to the plush gothic themes. The rooms, including the central two-story lounge, were individually themed with furnishings, objects and finishes from around the world.

It is clear that every room is designed to ignite the patrons’ imagination, and the food takes up where the décor leaves off with a well-traveled menu created by Mercer Kitchen chef Kay Choe. The international sights and tastes are made complete with music spanning Brazilian house to Afrobeat.

The club opened in September with a celebrity VIP invitation-only soiree hosted by Benji Madden of neo-punk band Good Charlotte, and his girlfriend / Simple Life star Paris Hilton.

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  • OCV Architects Design Eclectic New Manhattan ‘It’ Club: Haven

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