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March 29, 2010

OCV Architects is a proud "Hall of Fame" sponsor for The Fordham Bedford Little League

OCV Architects is a proud "Hall of Fame" sponsor for The Fordham Bedford Little League for the Spring Season of 2010. OCV has been sponsoring baseball for Bronx kids through Fordham Bedford since 2005.

Established in 1999, The Fordham Bedford Little League serves the neighborhoods and communities of the Northwest Bronx. The League is a member of Little League Baseball and the Babe Ruth League. It currently has 25 teams: age 5 to 6 — T-Ball; age 7 to 8  —  Rookies; age 9 to 10 — Minors; age 11 to 12 — Majors; age 13 to 14 — Juniors; and age 15 to 16 — Seniors.</p>

Evelyn Colon of the Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation founded the League as a part of its children's services program. The FBHC is a pioneer and major player in The Bronx Renaissance that is now taking place and was formed in 1979 to fight housing deterioration and abandonment in the Bronx, and to bring new private and public resources into the housing stock. Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation developed Fordham Bedford Children's Services based on the belief that providing quality low-income housing, in combination with supportive social services, would preserve families and nurture the healthy development of children.

"Our goal is to develop baseball skills, promote sportsmanship, and furnish wholesome recreation. Our objectives are achieved by providing a supervised baseball program, keeping in mind that winning the game is secondary and the molding of future men and women is of prime importance."

— Evelyn Colon, President,

Fordham Bedford Little League.


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  • OCV Architects is a proud "Hall of Fame" sponsor for The Fordham Bedford Little League

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