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October 30, 2009

SHNNY Honors the YWCA Binghamton As “Residence of the Year”

At the annual Supportive Housing Network of New York Awards Gala, the YWCA of Binghamton and Broome County and OCV Architects are recognized.Supportive Housing Award for OCV Architects

Carole Coppens with Rebecca Quinn, Project Manager, and Richard Vitto, Project Architect of OCV Architects.

New York, NY, October 28, 2009 – At last night’s Supportive Housing Network of New York (SHNNY) Gala, the historic YWCA of Binghamton and Broome County (YWCA Binghamton) received praise as “Outstanding Residence of the Year.” Deborah Damm-O’Brien of Catholic Charities Housing Office, presented the award to Carole Coppens, Executive Director of the YWCA, hailing it as a testament to the idea that “…places as well as people can be reborn.”

Award-winning supportive housing by OCV Architects

Carole Coppens, Executive Director of the YWCA Binghamton displays the “Residence of the Year” award she received for the transformation of the Y. Standing beside her are Ted Houghton, Executive Director of SHNNY, and Deborah Damm-O’Brien, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Housing Office who presented Ms. Coppens with the award.

Dating from 1892, the YWCA Binghamton has a long history and presence in the community as a provider of invaluable assitance to women and their families in the Southern Tier area of New York State. Originally from 1908, the building was in dire need of attention when Richard Vitto, a founding partner of OCV Architects was brought on as the architect for the project which to oversee its rehabilitation and redesign.

OCV Architects making a better NY with award-winning supportive housingFrom left to right, Richard Vitto, Rebecca Quinn, Bjorn Hallsson, Mary Ellen Cooper, and Tiffany Kimmel of OCV Architects. Each one contributed to making the YWCA Binghamton a successful project.

While the building exterior was historically restored, the design of the interior was entirely reconfigured to accommodate a new housing plan, common areas, childcare facilities, and offices, all whilst the YWCA was operating. This major overhall saw the transformation of the interior from dormitory style accomodations – which dated back to the building’s original function as a hotel – to 54 apartments with full bathrooms and kitchens designed to accommodate women with children, as well as space for six special needs programs. According to Ms. Damm-O’Brien, the result is “a seamless continuum of care,” all under one roof, in an environment that is “beautiful and responsive to needs.”SHNNY award goes to OCV Architects

From left to right, Richard Vitto of OCV, Carole Coppens of YWCA Binghamton, and Richard Greco, Project Manager from Fahs Construction Group.

Despite numerous setbacks, funding gaps, and an attitude of skepticism, the modernized YWCA Binghamton has earned success as an institution with renewed presence and vigor in its community. As acknowledgement for their efforts in turning a “sow’s ear into a silk purse,” Ms. Coppens thanked Richard Vitto, Richard Greco of Fahs Construction Group, and Amy Larovere of A. Larovere Consulting, among others.

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