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October 28, 2009

Major Milestone For Sustainability, Supportive Housing In NYC Goes Green

Fox Point ribbon cutting celebrates new supportive housing with green features and sustainable design.

Bronx, NY, October 26, 2009 – On October 22, 2009, 48 units of green, supportive housing at Fox Point in the Foxhurst section of the Bronx officially opened with a ribbon cutting and recognition ceremony, giving homeless and low-income families a unique opportunity.
Fox Point Green Supportive HousingRibbon cutting attendees gathering on rear terrace

The project, sponsored by Palladia and designed by OCV Architects, proves that even supportive housing in an economically demanding marketplace can go green. At the ceremony, Enterprise Foundation, Fox Point’s tax credit syndicator, pledged to add another 6,000 units of green affordable housing to NYC’s stock of low-income housing by 2013. Fox Point, which is registered for LEED Silver accreditation, was recognized as the new standard for quality and sustainability in the fulfillment of that goal.
Fox Point Terraces and Green RoofsAfter the ceremony attendees mingle and admire from above

Built with long-term viability in mind, Fox Point integrates green systems and sustainable materials into both the building’s design and operation, reducing the need for future repair and prohibitive operational costs, and protecting the building as an investment in affordable housing in a climate of uncertainty. 
OCV Architects and Enterprise Community PartnersDiscussing Fox Point’s green elements are, from left to right: Bill Frey, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise); Jane Velez, President of Palladia; Sally Bernstein Project Manager from Palladia; Marshall Goldberg, Vice President of Palladia; Mary Ellen Cooper Project Manager from OCV Architects; and Abby Sigal, Vice President of Enterprise

Designed to create a healthy background for living, the architecture uses natural light for inviting and efficient spaces. The design responds to the special typography of the site with steps and levels, creating multiple ‘green roof’ and garden areas not just for tenants to enjoy, but also to help manage water, temperature, operating costs and the building’s impact on the environment.

Fox Point is Sustainable Supportive HousingJane Velez, President of Palladia, congratulates Sally Bernstein on a job well done as Palladia’s Project Manager

Among the sustainable design systems featured at Fox Point is the use of a highly innovative microturbine to recover and reuse wasted energy and heat produced by the conventional systems it piggybacks on. The recovered energy is then used for heating, lighting and other building operations, significantly supplementing the energy provided by utilities.
Inside Fox Point’s lobby

About OCV Architects
Oaklander, Coogan and Vitto, P.C. is a versatile, award-winning architectural firm serving the New York Metropolitan area for over 30 years. OCV’s body of work ranges from affordable and special needs housing to high-end private residences, from gut rehabs and historic preservation to innovative new construction. Producing over 1,000 units of affordable and supportive housing, the firm regularly partners with urban housing authorities and development groups to create sustainable, attractive residences within restrictive budgets. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, OCV strives to bring to each design respect for a project’s site, setting, history and culture, while making every effort to build responsibly and sustainably.

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